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Adult Tap Classes

Adult Tap Class

In anticipation of our upcoming summer 2024 production of Anything Goes, we are offering a series of tap classes this season to help prepare actors for auditions and to perform this tap-heavy show. Whether or not you plan to audition, these classes are fun, informative, and a great cardio workout! Classes are intended for those 16 and older.  Two adult tap classes will be offered in the Dance Studio here at Shelton State on Wednesday evenings October 25th to December 6th 

  • Level One Tap - 5:30 p.m. - 6:15 p.m.   Level 1 or Beginning Tap Class is typically designed for beginners who have little to no prior experience with tap dancing. This class focuses on introducing students to the fundamentals of tap dance technique, rhythm, and coordination. The primary goal of a Level 1 tap class is to build a strong foundation that will serve as the basis for more advanced tap dancing skills.

  • Level Two Tap - 6:30 p.m. - 7:15 p.m.   Level 2 or Intermediate Tap Class is designed for students who have already completed a Level 1 tap class or have some basic experience and understanding of tap dance fundamentals. In a Level 2 class, the complexity and variety of tap steps and combinations are increased, building upon the foundation established in the previous level. The focus shifts from basic steps to more intricate rhythms, footwork, and musicality.

  • Level Three Tap * - 7:30p.m. - 8:15p.m.  Our Level 3 or Advanced Tap Class is intended for experienced tap dancers who have already mastered the fundamentals of tap dance and have a strong foundation in technique, rhythm, and musicality. These classes are designed to challenge and refine dancers' skills to a high level of proficiency. An advanced tap class goes beyond the basics, delving into intricate footwork, complex rhythms, and advanced choreography. * (Not offered until January)

Each class will need a minimum of 10 students and can accommodate up to 20 students ages 16 and older (Note: Both classes DO have enough enrollment to proceed). Tuition will be $60.00, and, yes, that does include all six class meetings! To register, call 205.391.2277, or click the button below to register online.


Meet the Instructor

Beth Rominger, Instructor

Beth Rominger fell in love with tap dancing at the early age of two when she began studying with Dale Serrano out of Birmingham, Alabama. After 15 years of dance classes, Beth continued her training with The University of Alabama School of Dance. She began teaching tap, jazz, and ballet at the age of 15 and later opened a performing arts school in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Beth has had the privilege of training with professionals such as Chris Judd, Charles McGowan, and Paula Abdul. She also studied at The Broadway Dance Centre and with the Radio City Rockettes. Beth's passion for dance and joyful nature is evident in the enthusiasm found throughout her classes.

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