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Acting, auditioning, technical theatre, and movement workshops for novice, experienced, and child/teenager/adult actors alike, are periodically offered through Theatre Tuscaloosa Academy.

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Academy Classes 2023-24

Level 1 tap class is typically designed for beginners who have little to no prior experience with tap dancing. This class focuses on introducing students to the fundamentals of tap dance technique, rhythm, and coordination.  ( Wednesdays, Oct. 25th - Dec. 6th)

Level 2 tap class is designed for students who have already completed a Level 1 tap class or have some basic experience and understanding of tap dance fundamentals. In a Level 2 class, the complexity and variety of tap steps and combinations are increased, building upon the foundation established in the previous level.   ( Wednesdays, Oct. 25th - Dec. 6th)

Level 3 tap class  Advanced tap (January)

Level 0 "Taste of Improv" This workshop gives you a "taste" of what the Improv classes are all about. We cover some of the very basic concepts that are fully-developed in the 8-week class sessions,   ( Sunday, Oct. 1st  - 1 day only)

Level 1 "Basic Improv" The Fundamentals" is an eight-week workshop in which students start to learn the skills needed to create strong improvised scenes. Some of these skills include building ensemble, giving and taking focus, object work, and, one of the most crucial fundamentals of improv, the concept of “yes, and.”  Students get up and play a variety of exercises and games that train the analytical side of the brain to focus on simple goals, freeing the creative side and silencing the negative thoughts that can make us freeze in performance.   (Tuesdays,  Oct. 24th - Nov. 14th)

Level 2 "Intermediate Improv" Scene Work" is an eight-week workshop in which students who have completed "Basic Improv" will take their learning to the next level. Students learn the skills crucial to scene work, including emotion, listening, and transformation, as well as continuing to hone skills learned in Basic Improv. Students must be at least 16 years of age.

(Thursdays, Oct 27th - Dec. 7th) 

Level 3 "Mastering Improv"  Will meet in the Spring

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Triple Threat Audition Workshop is available for those age 10 and up. This mock audition workshop prepares actors for a real audition by requiring a one-minute monologue, 16 bars of a musical theatre song, and learning a small piece of choreography on-site. Dance shoes and appropriate attire are recommended for the dance portion. 

 (April 30, 2024  - one day only)

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Playwright and retired UA Playwriting Professor Steve Burch will lead a group of up to eight budding authors through the process of honing a 12-15 page piece from rough draft through to performable work  The Playwriting Master Class is a place for playwrights to gather once a week with material to read aloud and discuss, critically and encouraging. It is less a formal class than a workshop. That said, the instructor will hand out a manual to each writer outlining structure and principles of playwriting.

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The Acting Fundamentals workshop will help the new or experienced actor gain confidence in their skills.  Students will strengthen acting techniques through scene work, light movement and vocal exercises, and on-camera acting techniques. 

Directing Masterclass (1).png

The Directing Masterclass will be taught by Executive Producer Tina Turley,  this 5-hour intensive that includes lunch, will cover basic directing skills, script analysis, and communication skills.  Students will get to do practical exercises to put skills into practice. 

 (January 6, 2024  - one day only)

"Broadway shows are created by a community of artists. Hamilton, A Chorus Line, Hadestown, and so many more were devised through a creative process where actors, writers, directors, choreographers, and composers built something new in the room using an ensemble of creative, brave performers. Project Broadway takes actors a step beyond a traditional musical theatre camp, encouraging each student to discover their own voice, connect, collaborate, and make a new Broadway-style performance project through the collective creative process." - Stephen Tyler Davis

 (June 10 - 14, 2024)

Intro to Technical Theatre – “How do they do that?”  Dr. Terry Olivet leads this two hour introductions to the “backstage” workings of live theatre, including, scenery, props, and lighting. (Spring)

Workshop Ideas?

Workshop Ideas?

Is there a topic you'd like us to explore in a future workshop? Are you trained in a particular field or have a class you would like to teach with us? 

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