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Accessibility Options

Accessibility Options

Because we are committed to telling stories that both reflect and include all members of the Tuscaloosa and Western Alabama community, Theatre Tuscaloosa works to remove barriers to participation, both on stage and off. This is an evolving process, and we are eager to listen and learn about ways we can make everyone feel welcome.

Theatre Tuscaloosa is committed to making our theatre and programs as accessible as possible to all members of our community. We know there is still a lot to learn, though, so we want to hear from you! Let us know if there is something you'd like to see us address, something we can do better, or if you have experienced any trouble during your interactions with our staff, volunteers, or our website. You can contact our Accessibility Coordinator, Kiera Gillock, directly by filling out the form below, or by calling 205.391.2453. We look forward to speaking with you!

Thanks for contacting us!

What We Are Working On

What We Are Working On

ASL Interpreted Performances

For those who use sign language, Theatre Tuscaloosa is currently building a season where select shows will include one performance that will be accompanied by professional American Sign Language interpretors. Be on the lookout for these performances coming in our 2022-2023 season!



For those with low- to no hearing, those who are learning English, and those who like extra clarification, Theatre Tuscaloosa is exploring options for creating performances which include Open-Captioning, where spoken dialogue is presented in text form for the audience to read along with the performance.

Tactile Tours

For those with low- to no vision or those with developmental or communication difficulties, Theatre Tuscaloosa is in the process of learning how to add Tactile Tours to our performances. These tours will aim to bring audience members on to the stage to gain an up-close understanding of some of the key elements they will witness during the performance. Since we want to ensure we provide the best service possible, as well as taking the safety of our performers and audience members into consideration, we are in the process of learning how to best bring these tours to our programming. Be on the lookout for Tactile Tours to be added to our 2022-23 season!

Sensory Guide

This guide is designed for patrons with autism or other disabilities that create sensory sensitivities. The guide will be available to view prior to attending the performance so that patrons will be able to have a better idea of what to expect from the show, including any loud noises, smells caused by effects, or bright/flashing lights that may be incorporated into the show.

Planning Your Visit

Planning Your Visit


If you would like to take advantage of any of the resources we offer to make the most of your experience, you may request them from our ticket office or any of our volunteer ushers prior to the show.

  • Large-Print Programs. Large-print programs are available to download in Microsoft Word or PDF format for all shows prior to a performance and available day of the performance from the ticket office. 

  • Assisted Listening Devices (ALDs). While all Theatre Tuscaloosa shows are fully mic'd, the Bean-Brown Theatre is also equipped with FM frequency assisted listening devices. A single-sided earbud is provided with the ALD, but patrons are welcome to use their own preferred earbuds or headphones which utilize a 3.5mm headphone jack. Devices are available at the ticket office window free of charge, on a first-come first-served basis. A driver’s license or valid ID is required as security. The device is powered on by adjusting the volume wheel until the green light on the top of the device turns on. The volume can then be adjusted using the wheel to find your perfect volume. To turn the device off, adjust the volume all the way down until the green light on the top of the device turns off. 

  • Booster Seats. For those who would like to have a little height added to their house seat, booster seats are available from the ticket office. The booster seat is a small, light-weight plastic seat that can be easily slipped onto a house seat.

  •  Sensory Viewing Room. For our patrons with sensory and cognitive sensitivities, Theatre Tuscaloosa provides a viewing room detached from the theatre's house that will allow users to continue watching and/or listening to the performance away from other patrons. This space is limited, but open to any guests at any point during the show. Our ticket office staff, house manager, or ushers will be happy to assist you. 

  • Photosensitivity Warnings. For our patrons with epilepsy or focal seizures, please note that the lobby does contain a marquee sign, which utilizes mild flashing/moving lights. If the show contains any flashing lights during the performance, warning signs will be posted on the lobby and house doors. 



Theatre Tuscaloosa is located on the Martin Campus of Shelton State Community College at 9500 Old Greensboro Road, Tuscaloosa, AL 35405. The campus can be reached from Interstate 20/59 by taking exit 71A to AL-Hwy 69S. Drive about 4 miles and turn right onto Mae Hinton Drive. This road will take you to the front gates of Shelton State.

Navigating the Campus

After entering the campus through the front gates of Shelton State, take the first left into the parking lot, so that you’re facing the rounded portion of the building (the Atrium.) Then take another left and follow the building down until you reach the sign for “The Sandra Hall Ray Fine Arts Center,” (Fine Arts Center.) The lobby of the theatre is located through those doors and halfway down the hall on the left side. 


Two spots for accessible parking and a sloped curb are located immediately in front of the doors for the Fine Arts Center. More accessible parking is available in the same parking lot, closer to the Atrium. There is a sloped curb on the far ends of the sidewalk in front of the building. Available parking without accessibility is located throughout the lot in front of the Fine Arts Center. While some parking rows are marked as requiring a tag, security is notified of patrons’ use on performance days, and these spots are open to the public during performances.


A touch-free door opener is located on the right side of the door leading to the Fine Arts Center, on the inside-wall of the alcove, closer to the parking lot. There is a slight bump on the threshold of these doors accounting for the weather barrier.


Pre-purchased tickets designated for will call can be picked up from one of the staff or volunteer members at the will call table*, located just inside the hallway of the Fine Arts Center, on the right. To pick up will call tickets, you will only need to give the name that the tickets were purchased under or, if given, the name they were placed under.


Ticket purchases can be made within the lobby of the theatre, at the ticket office located to the left of the house doors. The windows are lifted four feet from the floor. Ticket office employees will endeavor to make the ticket purchasing experience as pleasant and efficient as possible for all patrons, and may invite the patron into the office to do so. Please do not enter the office unless instructed to do so.

What to Expect from a Typical Performance

Your typical experience during a Theatre Tuscaloosa performance may differ depending on whether you are attending a musical performance or a “straight” play. (In this context, a straight play is a non-musical show.) 

  • Prior to the start of the show, patrons are welcome to mingle in the lobby after picking up or purchasing their tickets. Tickets may be purchased from the windowed ticket office to the left of the house doors in the lobby. Tickets pre-purchased and set aside at will call, can be picked up from the will call table*.

  • Any sound, light, or smoke warnings will be posted to the lobby and house doors for patrons to observe.

  • No food or drink is allowed within the theatre house, except for water in a container that can be sealed. If you would like to hold on to a drink that is not permissible in the house, please see the ticket office staff, and they will hold it for you until after the show.


Starting the Show. Theatre Tuscaloosa strives for punctuality. House doors will open thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of the show. Once house doors are open, a volunteer will scan the QR code on your ticket(s) and hand out programs for the show.


Patrons will know the show is close to beginning when the volunteer House Manager flashes the lobby lights. At  this time, all patrons are urged to find their seats within the house. At the listed start time of the show, house doors will be closed, and a curtain speech will be made. Immediately before the curtain rises to begin the show or a return from intermission, the doors to the lobby will be closed and the house lights will dim momentarily and then go dark. 


Late Entry. Patrons entering after house doors have closed will be quietly directed to the left-hand set of doors. Immediately inside those doors will be a house manager who will show the patrons to the nearest empty seat if the house lights have already gone dark, or to designated seats if possible.


Volume. All Theatre Tuscaloosa shows are mic'd in order to allow the most accessible experience possible for our patrons. For our patrons who are deaf or hard of hearing, Assisted Listening Devices are available at the ticket office.


Intermission. Most shows include a 15-minute intermission, during which patrons are welcome to take advantage of the concessions stand** and facilities. For our patrons who support the theatre by donating to the Annual Giving Campaign at the Star level or higher, the Patron Room is located in the Wilson Carr Rehearsal Hall and will welcome patrons on the first weekend of a mainstage performance run.


A few minutes before the next act begins, the house manager will flash the lobby lights to indicate it is time to return to seats. Any food or drink must be either disposed of at this time, or placed at the ticket office to be picked up at the conclusion of the show.


Restrooms. Restrooms are located in either direction of the lobby.

  • Leaving the lobby, turn right, then take the first right down a hall and restrooms are located to the left.

  • Leaving the lobby, turn left, then take the first right down a hall and restrooms are located on the right, indicated by a sign on the wall.


Both restrooms are equipped with accessible stalls, and a lowered sink is available in the restroom to the left of the lobby.


Following the Performance. After the final scene and the actors bow, the house lights will rise. House doors will be opened and patrons are welcome to exit through those doors, or the side exits at the back of the house. 

Purchasing Your Tickets

There are various options available to patrons when purchasing tickets for a Theatre Tuscaloosa performance. If you would like to use any of our options for accessible seating, be sure to choose the appropriate seating when purchasing online, or ask the ticket agent when purchasing over the phone or in person. 

To purchase tickets online: 

  1. Navigate to the webpage on this website for the show you wish to attend, or select the "Online Account Login" button in the sidebar menu.

  2. If the tickets are available for purchase, there will be a “Purchase Now” button available on the show’s webpage. 

  3. If you do not see this button, check the “Single Tickets Go On Sale” date listed near the top of the webpage.

  4. OR click on the “Purchase Now” tab on the upper menu.

  5. Select the tile “Buy Individual Show Tickets.”

  6. Click on the “Buy Now” button.

  7. A new window will open to our storefront on “Audience View.”

  8. In the upper right corner, just below the Theatre Tuscaloosa logo, a patron can switch between Calendar View or List View.


In Person
If you prefer to purchase your tickets in person ahead of time during open business hours or right before the show, you are welcome to do so from the ticket office located in the lobby of the Bean-Brown Theatre. 

The ticket office accepts cash, check, and all major credit cards. Information that may be asked of you that allows us to provide you with the best service now and in the future may include information about your mailing address, phone number, and email address. This information is optional and you may decline at any time. Other information that we will ask of you is which performance you are seeking tickets for and your seating preferences. You will also be asked if you are eligible for any of our available ticket discounts.***

*The will call table is usually located within the lobby near the flashing marquee sign. While observing COVID safety protocols, the table will be located just inside the front doors of the Sandra Hall Ray Arts Center. 


**While observing COVID safety protocols, no food or drink will be served in the Patron Room and concessions will be closed. Water fountains are located in the hall between the front doors and the lobby, as well as a vending machine, which at this time accepts cash or card. No food or drink is allowed within the theatre house, except for water in a container that can be sealed.


***Ticketing discounts may not be available for all performances, depending on which program the performances are a part of.

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