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T. Earle Jonson Award Winners

DeAnthony Mays

The Charles Prosser "Straight Flush" Award

Ebony Wesley

The Charles Prosser "Straight Flush" Award

Mileidy Crespo-Jones

The Newcomer of the Year Award

Kathy Grissom

The Jake Leigerber Volunteer of the Year

Valerie Trull

Our Ox Is In The Ditch Award

Not Pictured:


Riley Coker - winner of the Charlie Dennis "Bear It" Award for Technical Service

Ralph and April Lane - Patron of the Year Award

Lindsey Jones and Kenyatta "YaYa" Browne

inducted into the Theatre Tuscaloosa All Star Cast

The Cast, Crew and Designers of Launch Day

Doug Perry "Outstanding Service to the Theatre" Award

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