Theatre Tuscaloosa's 2017-2018 Season: Music & Mystery
Theatre Tuscaloosa's 2017-2018 Season: Music & Mystery

Courtesy Casting Notices

Theatre Tuscaloosa occassionally receives notices from local film and theatre producers seeking talent.  We will occassionally post such casting notices here as a courtesy to our fellow producers and our community of performers.  Theatre Tuscaloosa is in no way associated with these productions, however, so we cannot answer questions about them.  Please direct all questions to the contact identified.  Click here to submit a Courtesy Casting Call request.

Casting & Crew Opportunities

POSTED: 9/22/17

Project Title

The Things That Unite Us


Project Producer:

Alex Cherry


Project Website:


E-mail address:


Audition Date(s) and Time(s):

Video auditions


Actresses and Actors interested in auditioning are asked to submit:

  • A video of a 60 second monologue of actor’s choosing. (Sides will be provided for reading as part of callbacks.)
  • In the audition, please tell us your name, age, and what role you are auditioning for.
  • An updated Resume and Headshot.
  • A calendar with conflicts.


Contact Name:

Alex Cherry


Contact Phone:




Project Description:

When a young girl, Caroline, moves into a new house with her family, she encounters a poltergeist. This ghost is not malicious, however, but the playful soul of a 12-year-old girl, Elizabeth. As they grow older, their friendship runs into obstacles such as dealing with the pressures of growing up and maturing, as well as learning about Liz’s hidden and dark past, one Caroline must delve into if she’s to learn the truth about Elizabeth’s death.

Films November 10-12.


Description of Role(s) Available (age, gender, body type, ethnicity, etc.):

CAROLINE MOORE (YOUNG) [Gender: female] [Age: 10] Petite, blonde (flexible). Caroline is very tough for her age, earning a sense of dependence as an only child. She loves to play soccer, but also enjoys playing with dolls. Her family is an upper middle to upper class family who has just moved to a new house. Both her parents work often, so Caroline has a very strong imagination and is able to keep herself entertained while her parents work. Because Caroline is so young and has a great imagination, she does not see it as odd that there is a ghost in her house, especially since this ghost is friendly. She also knows that this ghost is special, and decides to keep her special pal a secret.


CAROLINE MOORE (OLDER) [Gender: female] [Age: 16] Blonde (flexible), athletic. Caroline, now older. This role spans the majority of the film. Caroline is strong-willed and spirited, with an enormous sense of compassion. She will stop at nothing to discover the truth about Elizabeth’s death.


ELIZABETH CARMICHAEL [Gender: female] [Age: 12] Petite brunette (preferred). Elizabeth is a 12 year old who has been trapped in this age since the 1950’s. She wears a slightly torn, bloody, and dingy nightgown with her hair perfectly curled and tucked behind her ears. She is the image of innocence, but covered in an eerie fog. Her family was a prominent family in the community, but unbeknownst to the town, the family had a very dark secret. Elizabeth is a tortured soul, a poltergeist, who is unable to move on from purgatory where she is trapped in the house that she was murdered in. This poor, sweet girl was molested by her Stepfather and told never to tell a soul (no depictions occur within the story; only allusions).


MOM [Gender: female] [Age: 30s-40s]

Caroline’s mother is a lawyer who works from home, always confined to her office. Because she is always at home, she has become the child rearing parent who has tried to handle Caroline’s large sense of imagination. She tends to let Caroline run all over the house entertaining herself, because it allows her to focus on the huge pile of cases stacked on her desk. At first she finds it sweet that Caroline is able to enjoy such things as playing soccer with her imaginary friend, but as she grows older, she can hear Caroline talking to her friend through her bedroom door. This begins to concern her. Especially when she hears from Caroline’s teachers that she is not partaking in much activity with the other children. She begins to nudge her daughter into being more social by signing her up for local soccer leagues and inviting her to sleepovers, in the hopes that her daughter will not get carried away with her imagination and stay grounded. She means well and she loves her daughter.


DAD [Gender: male] [Age: 30’s-40’s]

Caroline’s father is a very hard working businessman who does not spend much time at home. Her father encourages Caroline to indulge in her childish whims and enjoy her childhood. Not being present as Caroline grows older causes him to miss the signs that Caroline has indulged too much in her imaginary friend. This causes him to bring down the hammer and confer with Caroline’s mother that it is time for her to grow out of this imaginary friend phase and begin to mature and make real friends at school and in soccer.


ANNE CARMICHAEL [Gender: female] [Age: 60s-80s] Elizabeth’s mother. A 92-year-old woman who has retired from a mental institution and moved into a retirement community. She has been tormented by police officers, doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, news reporters, and locals all her life, begging for the details and inside scoop as to what really happened the night of July 21st, 1955. Grief and anger have consumed her. Her biggest concern and only question she asks to her doctors is about Elizabeth’s body, if anyone has found it. Every time, the answer is no, and it only fuels her rage and deep depression. All she longs for is for someone to find her daughter’s body, so that she can know that her daughter is not lost to her forever.


LIBRARIAN [Gender: female] [Age: 30’s-50’s] Only appears in the library, but acts as a friendly face for Caroline when she discovers the truth about sweet Elizabeth’s death.

POSTED: 9/18/17


Project Title

The Players


Project Producer:

Alex Cherry


E-mail address:



Video auditions! If you're interested, please email a 60 second monologue. Auditions due by September 30.


Contact Name:

Alex Cherry


Contact Phone:



Project Description:

The Players is a pilot episode that focuses on how acting and theatre connect people from a variety of backgrounds. It follows Aurora, a young actress, as she auditions for a Shakespeare Festival and encounters other auditionees. The actors share their experiences as well as their anxiety about the auditions and getting cast in the festival, and throughout the film, learn more about each other and what they all share regarding their love of theater. The production will rehearse in November and will be shot the first two weekends [Friday – Sunday] of December in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Please be aware that The Players will feature mature content.



Description of Role(s) Available (age, gender, body type, ethnicity, etc.):

A large number of roles available! Looking for all genders, ethnicities, body types, and ages. Here is a brief description of all roles:

 - Xerxes: (male, 30 - 45, Arabic, homosexual) The director hired for the season. He is artistic and exotic, a free spirit.

 - Lena: (female, 30 - 45, African American, butch body-type) The stage manager for the season, the responsibility for the entire show rests on her shoulders. She is motherly and strict; she is kind and wise, but also does not have time to joke around.

  - Aurora: (female, 18 – 25)

Aurora moves to the big city to pursue her dreams of being an actress after her grandmother dies. She is a young, innocent, and an idealist.

 - Lalita: (female, 25 - 35, Asian, bisexual) She is spunky and colorful. She protects those she considers family with her life, but she isn’t afraid to burn bridges to the rest of the world.

 - Andrew: (male, 25 - 35, African American) He is an all-American boy. He turned to extra circulars during high school to avoid being swept into a gang, which made him a star on the stage and on the field.

 - Sterling (male, 20 - 30, biracial, homosexual) A paradox - both dauntless and doubtful. He recognizes and flaunts his talent, but constantly berates himself for not being perfect.

 - Peter: (male, 20 - 30, redhead)

He is a loner from the rest of the group; he speaks in literature allusions and often counsels others.

 - Aldwin: (male, 45 – 65)

Once an action movie star, he is returning to roots after having a bad back injury on set. Despite landing several large franchise films, he remains humble and excited on each project he works on.

 - Bridget: (female, 35 - 55, plus size and curvy) A veteran actress returning to for the season – always in her Silver Star mother’s shadow, she struggled to establish herself as an actress in her own right. She had success in her early 20s as young heroines, but is having a hard time adjusting to more matronly roles. She has a tendency to be over dramatic.

 -  Caleb: (male, 20 - 30, Native American) He developed a degenerative eye disease in high school and is legally blind. He is positive, sweet, and determined.

 - Charlotte: (female, 25 – 40)

Once a pageant queen, Charlotte is still seeking the spotlight through acting and modeling. With a strong southern twang, she was raised to be the epitome of grace and feminity. She hides her claws with dainty gloves.

 - Melek: (male, 30 - 45, Jewish, bodybuilder) A novice in the world of theatre, he developed a tough body builder persona to hide his sensitive poetic side.

 - Irene: (female, 40 - 55, Latino)

An ex-soap opera star, she has a vibrant and fiery personality.

 - Isha (male, 35 - 60, Indian)

The “dad” model: makes lame jokes, lives off puns, and offers food in times of stress. He often supports others before taking care of himself.

Monday-Thursday: 9am-5pm
Friday: 9am-12pm
One hour prior to performances

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