Theatre Tuscaloosa's 2016-17 Season: Share the Dream
Theatre Tuscaloosa's 2016-17 Season: Share the Dream

Courtesy Casting Notices

Theatre Tuscaloosa occassionally receives notices from local film and theatre producers seeking talent.  We will occassionally post such casting notices here as a courtesy to our fellow producers and our community of performers.  Theatre Tuscaloosa is in no way associated with these productions, however, so we cannot answer questions about them.  Please direct all questions to the contact identified.  Click here to submit a Courtesy Casting Call request.

Casting & Crew Opportunities

Posted 1/12/17


Project Title

North River Village


Project Producer:

LURE Creative Solutions


E-mail address:


Audition Date(s) and Time(s):

no audition. Please email headshot.


Contact Name:

Richard Tucker


Contact Phone:



This is a PAID opportunity.


Project Description:

30-second TV spot for an Independent and Assisted Living Home


There are no speaking roles in the TV spot


Description of Role(s) Available (age, gender, body type, ethnicity, etc.):

2 caucasian females, 1 african american female, 1 caucasian male, all over the age of 65.

1 Causasian male, 1 caucasian female aged 35-45.

1 caucasian boy aged 8-12. 1 caucasian girl aged 8-13.


Desired Traits of Auditionees (prior experience, acting/singing/dance training, dialects, other):

Ability to realistically interact with other actors on camera. 

Posted 1/4/17

Posted 12/1/16


Project Title



Project Producer:

Gray Lloyd


E-mail address:


Contact Name:

Malcolm Driscoll


Contact Phone:



This is a PAID opportunity.


Project Description:

This will be a two half day shoot in mid January. Can pay actors $50 for each day.  We will be shooting a commercial for a local funeral home in Tuscaloosa on location.


Description of Role(s) Available:

Casting one caucasian male that can play 60-70 age range.

Casting one caucasian female that can play 60-70 age range.


Please email a headshot of yourself to for consideration.

Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm
Friday 9am-12pm
One hour prior to performances

9500 Old Greensboro Road #135
Tuscaloosa, AL 35405




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