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Courtesy Casting Notices

Theatre Tuscaloosa occassionally receives notices from local film and theatre producers seeking talent.  We will occasionally post such casting notices here as a courtesy to our fellow producers and our community of performers.  Theatre Tuscaloosa is in no way associated with these productions, however, so we cannot answer questions about them.  Please direct all questions to the contact identified.  Click here to submit a Courtesy Casting Call request.

Casting & Crew Opportunities

Posted 10/10/19


Project Title

Dare to Vote Baer


Project Producer:

Sydney Rogers


Project Website:


E-mail address:


Audition Date(s) and Time(s):



Contact Name:

Jerry Lawrence


Contact Phone:



Project Description:

Senator Mark Dawson is suddenly dropped by his campaign managers Lionel and Jonathan Kraft after they find out a horrible truth about him. David Baer, a lifelong friend of Jonathan's, returns tot the city with his wife Avery and becomes an unlikely candidate. Will David' good heart and strong will be enough to take down Mark Dawson in the election, or will his own controversial past sabotage his future?


Description of Role(s) Available:

Looking for three roles.

Lionel Kraft- Male, 50-60s

Jonathan Kraft- Male, 20s

Mark Dawson- Male 20s


Desired Traits of Auditionees:

Prior experience acting 

Posted 9/17/19


Project Title

Casting Models For CAMP Themed Fashion Runway


Project Producer:

Alexa Fisher


E-mail address:


Contact Name:

Alexa Fisher


Contact Phone:

(205) 908-1716


Project Description:

Seeking 10 Models for fashion showcase. Looking for male and female models. Please submit headshots and portfolio (if available). Wardrobe will be in accordance to your stylistic version of CAMP. Serious inquiries only. 

Posted 9/11/19


Project Title

CORE Corporate Training Event


Project Producer:



E-mail address:


Contact Name:

Cathy Erker


Project Description:

The training will be given to leaders of our hospitals and is based on our CORE (Communicate Openly. Resolve Early.) program.
The actors will assume the role of patient or family member when an unexpected outcome occurs in one of our facilities, and the workshop attendees will be applying the communication skills learned during the morning session when communicating with “the patients”.
Actors should be comfortable with improv. We will send the scripts ahead of time, but it is not necessary to memorize anything but just be familiar with the scenarios by reading the scripts. Group moderators will direct the actors on their respective roles prior to each acting session.


Project Date:

Friday, October 18 from 12:00 - 4:00 p.m.


o Actors are needed from 12-4 on OCT 18th
o Lunch will be provided
o Each actor will be paid $100 for the afternoon
o We will need approximately 6 actors

Posted 8/15/19


Project Title

Buried Child


Project Producer:

The Actor's Charitable Theatre


Project Website:


E-mail address:


Audition Date(s) and Time(s):

Aug 17 at 2:00 pm, Aug 18 at 2:00 pm


Audition Location:

The ACT Studio, 2205 9th ave, Northport, Alabama 35476


Contact Name:

Steve Burdette


Contact Phone:



Project Description:

SYNOPSIS: Sam Shepard’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Buried Child takes place somewhere in Illinois in a squalid farm home occupied by a family filled with suppressed violence and an unease born of deep-seated unhappiness. The characters are a ranting alcoholic grandfather; a sanctimonious grandmother who goes on drinking bouts with the local minister; and their sons, Tilden, an All-American footballer now a hulking semi-idiot; and Bradley, who has lost one leg to a chain saw. Into their midst comes Vince, a grandson none of them recognizes or remembers, and his girlfriend, Shelly, who cannot comprehend the madness to which she is suddenly introduced. The family harbors a dark secret which Tilden unearths and this act purges the family, at last, of its infamy and suggests the perhaps slim possibility of a new beginning under Vince, whose estrangement from the others has spared him the taint of their sin.



Thursday, October 17

Friday, October 18

Saturday, October 19 (2 performance day) Sunday, October 20 (Possible 2 performance day) Monday, October 21 Tuesday, October 22


**Possible read through on Friday, August 23 at 6:30pm


**Rehearsals will begin Monday, September 2 continuing every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 6:30pm – 10:00pm (all characters will not be called to every rehearsal)


**BURIED CHILD is also our competition show; here are some dates of which you will need to be aware:


Saturday, October 26 – Rehearse Competition cut 2:00pm – 6:00pm Monday, October 28 - Wednesday, October 30 - Rehearse Competition cut (TBD)


Friday, November 1 – Sunday, November 3 – Alabama Conference of Theatre Community Theatre Competition located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama


Wednesday, February 26 – Sunday, March 1 - 71st Annual SETC Convention Community Theatre Competition located in Louisville, Kentucky


Description of Role(s) Available (age, gender, body type, ethnicity, etc.):


HALIE (50-69) is Dodge’s wife, who is in her sixties. Halie attempts to ignore the bleak circumstances around her by indulging in a mix of nostalgia, religion, and extra-marital sex. She worships the somewhat fictionalized memory of her third son, Ansel, who died in rather mysterious and odd circumstances. In addition, she attempts to cover up the fact she had a baby with her eldest son Tilden.


SHELLY (20-25) is Vince’s girlfriend, a young woman in her early twenties. At first she looks forward to meeting Vince’s family, as she imagines them to be quaint and romantic country folk. She is then spooked by the reality of the family’s strangeness, and when Vince abandons her, Shelly begins to try to uncover the family’s secret.



DODGE (50-70+) is a farmer now in his seventies. Dodge is the central character and sickly patriarch of the family. His once-prosperous farm is now barren and rundown, and he is an alcoholic invalid who tries to hide his drinking from his wife. He acts ornery and hostile to his family and seems disappointed with all his children. Dodge is in the last days of his life, and as he nears his end, he gradually begins to open up and reveal the secret that has been plaguing the family for decades.


TILDEN (30-49) A man in his forties, Tilden is the eldest son of Dodge and Halie. He was a former all-American football player, but is now “burned out,” “profoundly displaced,” and seems to be mentally ill in some way. He is living at the family home after running into some sort of mysterious trouble in New Mexico, where he had gone to seek a life away from his family.


BRADLEY (30-40) is the other son of Dodge and Halie, and about five years younger than Tilden. Bradley is an amputee with a wooden leg—he supposedly cut his leg off with a chainsaw by accident. He is an aggressive bully toward his father, his older brother, and Vince’s girlfriend Shelly.


VINCE (20-25) is a young man in his early twenties, and Tilden’s son by an unknown mother. Vince and his girlfriend, Shelly, stop by the farm unannounced, as Vince is apparently looking to reconnect with Tilden. When his grandfather and father don’t recognize him, however, Vince becomes disturbed and abandons Shelly at the house for a night.


FATHER DEWIS (50-69) is a protestant minister in his sixties. Hallie speaks highly of him in act one, but when we meet him in act three, he is drunk, ineffectual, and lecherous. It’s implied that he’s having an affair with Halie, and there is a suggestion that the faults of his character suggest faults with religion more generally.


Desired Traits of Auditionees (prior experience, acting/singing/dance training, dialects, other):


Please prepare a one to two-minute monologue in the style of the show.

No monologues from the show please.

Be prepared to read from the script.

An audible recording of the L.A. Theatre Works production of Buried Child is available here.

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