Theatre Tuscaloosa presents the 2021-22 Season: Together Again
Theatre Tuscaloosa presents the 2021-22 Season: Together Again

Courtesy Casting Notices

Theatre Tuscaloosa occassionally receives notices from local film and theatre producers seeking talent.  We will occasionally post such casting notices here as a courtesy to our fellow producers and our community of performers.  Theatre Tuscaloosa is in no way associated with these productions, however, so we cannot answer questions about them.  Please direct all questions to the contact identified.  Click here to submit a Courtesy Casting Call request.

Casting & Crew Opportunities

Posted 9/13/21


Project Title


Project Producer:
Tristan Rodden and LauraBella Casciano 


E-mail address: and


Contact Name:
LauraBella Casciano 


Audition Date(s) and Time(s):
I will send the script and tell you the part to read and send me a video.


Audition Location:
Over Zoom 


Contact Phone:


Project Description:
STUPID!? is about a girl named Toni, who is very creative. However, due to her undiagnosed dyslexia, she cannot communicate with her peers properly. 


Description of Role(s) Available):
Looking for a Ms. Ricci and Pak Haru and Mrs. Pak. 


Desired Traits of Auditionees:
Mrs. Ricci- Brown hair, wavy and or curly, olive skin tone, medium built tall or short. (30-the 40s) I will take someone younger if they look older. 

Pak Haru- Asian, black hair long or short pale skin ages between (8-12). 
Mrs. Pak- Asian. Haru's mom, pale skin, black hair, long or short, tall or short. (8-12). 

Posted: 9/11/21


Project Title
The Lies You Tell - Short Horror/Thriller Film


Project Producer:
Noah Lueker


E-mail address:


Audition Date(s) and Time(s):
Sept. 24 & 25, 5-8p.m. 


Audition Location:
For safety, open auditions will take place via Zoom


Contact Name:
Noah Lueker


Contact Phone:


This project is a PAID performance.


Project Description:
David is stuck in a dead-end marriage, but he won’t admit that it’s crumbling. However, after a one- night mistake with a family friend, he begins being stalked by a shadowy figure - his own tell-tale heart - that seems intent on exposing his infidelity.


This project will be filming in Tuscaloosa from November 17-21 (Wednesday-Sunday). 


Description of Roles Available:
David Warren (25-30, M) is nothing if not indecisive. He’s a bitter and resentful husband to his wife Megan, but would rather stew in his contempt than take the risk to leave and try to find out what makes him happy. His wishy-washy nature hurts everyone around him.


Megan Warren (25-30, F, Blonde Preference) is David’s loving, apologetic wife that is just a little overwhelmed and overworked in her relationship which comes across as rude… From David’s perspective Megan only wants control, whether she admits it or not: she’s demanding when David resigns himself, and she’s apologetic when David stands up for himself.


Laurel Navidson (25-30, F, Brunette Preference) is like something out of a dream. She’s seen only through David’s eyes, and so she’s strictly characterized as a smooth seductress. She listens more than she talks, and she knows exactly what she wants and how she’s going to get it. It’s clear she has plans of her own.


Will Navidson (25-30, M) is charming, affable. David perceives him as a threat because of how close he and Megan are, growing up childhood friends. He’s very happy with his new wife Laurel, although they are a very quiet couple.


Mysterious Figure (MUST BE TALL, THIN), the entity that looms at the edge of the light, in the corner of David's eye. It's stoic, and patient. Its body language makes it come off as malevolent, but it mostly stands waiting throughout most of the story.


No previous experience necessary.


  • Audition materials 
  • Audition Sign-Up. Zoom links will be sent to the email address actors provide.

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