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Theatre Tuscaloosa - Spreading Joy

Courtesy Casting Notices

Theatre Tuscaloosa occassionally receives notices from local film and theatre producers seeking talent.  We will occasionally post such casting notices here as a courtesy to our fellow producers and our community of performers.  Theatre Tuscaloosa is in no way associated with these productions, however, so we cannot answer questions about them.  Please direct all questions to the contact identified.  Click here to submit a Courtesy Casting Call request.

Casting & Crew Opportunities

Posted 4/1/21


Project Title
Enter the Panic Room


Project Producer:
Laura Bella Casciano


E-mail address:


Audition Date(s) and Time(s):
March 31st- April 16th (10pm)


Audition Location:
Tuscaloosa (via email)


Contact Name:
Kailey New


Contact Phone:


Project Description:
Maddie is a young woman who can easily get lost in a good book. Finds herself trying to escape her own thrilling story. A recluse father obsessed with finding his daughter, kidnaps Maddie thinking she is his daughter. Can Maddie escape her kidnapper before her story turns its final page?


Description of Role(s) Available (age, gender, body type, ethnicity, etc.):
1. Maddie- female lead, age 18-24, any ethnicity, small build

2. Alan- male lead, age 35-50, any ethnicity, medium build


Desired Traits of Auditionees (prior experience, acting/singing/dance training, dialects, other):
Stage fighting experience (preferred but not necessary).

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