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How to Set Up Your Online Account

Theatre Tuscaloosa has a new ticketing system! To make the process of tracking your tickets easier, patrons are now able to create an account with our ticketing system, AudienceView. As a returning patron, you are invited to set up your account using this guide, which should allow you to view past tickets and donations to Theatre Tuscaloosa using the email address you have provided in the past.


Creating an account is completely optional. The benefits of having an account include: being able to purchase tickets online more quickly, apply flex vouchers for show tickets online, make donations online, monitor gift card balances, and view past purchases. If you prefer not to set up an account, you may still purchase tickets or make donations online, and transfer tickets or request gift card balances by contacting the ticket office.


To Set Up Your Account

  • Click here to access the Theatre Tuscaloosa storefront and user login page.

  • Enter the email address you would like to have associated with your account, select the “I am a new customer” option. Do NOT enter a password; instead, click “Continue.”

    • If you made a purchase previously, use the email address that was listed on your renewal form.

    • If you have entered an email address that was associated with a previous purchase, an error message appears that says: “Our records show that the email address you entered has been used to make purchases from us before. Please click here to have a password reset link sent to "YOUR EMAIL" or enter a different email address below to create a new account.” Select the “Click here” link in the error message to continue setting up your account.

  • Fill out the next form with as much information as you are willing to share with us. Theatre Tuscaloosa does NOT sell or share patron data to third parties outside of our ticketing system, indicated as “Audience View” or “Ovations.”

  • Click “Continue,” and your account is now set up!


If you have any questions or are having trouble setting up your account, please contact the ticket office at 205.391.2277 or by email at

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