ACTFest 2022-2023
November 4-6, 2022

Bean-Brown Theatre

ACTFest 2022-2023

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The Alabama Community Theatre Festival (ACTFest) is produced by the Alabama Conference of Theatre. Every other year, this festival is part of the national AACTFest (American Association of Community Theatre).  This is a nationals year, and Theatre Tuscaloosa will be entering Launch Day, which will be the third original play we will have entered.

If you are considering bringing a show to present during the festival for adjudication, please complete the online registration form (see link below) as soon as possible.  Please note that the registration form requires you to answer how many adults and children will participate in your production.  It is OK to give a close estimation of these numbers that can be adjusted before you make your final payment.  Once your online registration is completed, you will be contacted and provided additional forms and information.  The festival can only accommodate a limited number of productions, so you are encouraged to submit your show as soon as possible to secure your spot at the festival. 


If you have questions, please feel free to contact Cindy Harper, Executive Director, at 205-483-2282 or

Presenting Organizations

Presenting Organizations

Tickets to individual performances will be available to the general public closer to the festival. Those who would like to attend the entire festival can invest in an annual membership in the Alabama Conference of Theatre. A full conference schedule will be published after registration closes.

  • The Actor's Charitable Theatre

  • Self Express Productions

  • Spark Theatre

  • Theatre Tuscaloosa – Launch Day by Michael Higgins

  • Wetumpka Depot Players

Individual Events

Individual Events (IEs)


ACT Membership 

$25.00 per participant


Solo Acting 

$10.00 per participant

Group Acting (2-6 participants) 

$25.00 per group

Solo Musical 

$10.00 per participant

Group Musical (2-6 participants) 

$25.00 per group


There are four (4) categories:

  • Solo Acting

  • Group Acting (2-6 participants)

  • Solo Musical

  • Group Musical (2-6 participants).

Participants can register for no more than two (2) IE categories each.


Participants who register for IEs must be 18 years or older.

Each participant must register as an individual for an Alabama Conference of Theatre (ACT) Membership and pay a $25 membership fee. This membership entitles the participant to full ACT membership benefits for a year, which includes admission to all ACTFest performances. 


Additionally, IEs have their own registration fee.

Solo IEs are $10 each, and Group IEs are $25 to register for in total among the individuals in the group. It is recommended and requested that those wishing to register for the group events select an individual as the "lead" to collect and submit the agreed-upon shares of the registration cost for the group event. 


Example: You have decided to sign up for Solo Musical and Group Acting with four other people, with whom you agree to split the IE cost evenly. Your cost to register will include $25 for your AACT membership, $10 for your Solo Musical Event, and $5 for your share of the Group Acting Event. Since you have been nominated the leader of the group, you will also collect $5 from each of the four other people in your Group Acting Event. 


You will be contacted via email following the successful submission of this form to sign releases and pay registration fees.


These must be completed prior to the September 15th deadline in order to be fully registered and eligible to participate.