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Theatre Tuscaloosa provides enrichment opportunities that move across its broad performance schedule. For Mainstage audiences, we offer our newsletter, The Callboard. For students we feature matinee performances. Classroom guides and artists' demonstrations help bring our performances to life at the personal level. Stage Centre Company tours make our Outreach Programs span the state.

We offer a full range of public workshops where professional artists can teach any theatre skill worthy of mention. Casts even receive dramaturgical support as they prepare for opening night. In fact, all volunteers involved in Theatre Tuscaloosa productions profit from close encounters with professional artists. Interested Theatre Tuscaloosa volunteers can even receive college credit for work done on productions. This is possible through programs developed with our special partner, Shelton State Community College.

The bottom line...we offer our educational outreach programs because we feel that an informed audience will be a more appreciative audience and better trained performers will move us all closer to our full potential.

For more information on our Outreach Programs, contact Tina Turley at 205.391.3992.


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