Auditions will be held January 30 & 31 at 7:00 p.m. in the Wilson Carr Rehearsal Hall. More information about selected plays and available roles will be available closer to the date.

Love & Cheese Toast by Cooper Shattuck

A young woman in 1960s Alabama discusses her upcoming wedding with her parents and their maid.


Judy Cooper - f, white, late teens-late 20s
Roland Cooper - m, white, mid-late middle aged
Stella Cooper - f, white, mid-late middle aged
Annie Mae - f, black, early-mid middle aged

Salt by Barry Bradford

Delia describes the night a stranger came to call on her and her mother.

Delia - f, any race, any age
Sarah - f, any race, any age
Drummer - m, any race, middle aged

Blessed Event by Sara-Margaret Cates

Meeting the parents can be difficult for everyone, especially when there's an elephant in the room.

Mama - f, any race, 40+
Papa - m, any race, 40+
Mary Frances - f, any race, late teens-early 20s
Charles - m, any race, late teens-early 20s

Mama & Me by Allison Upshaw

An excerpt from an autobiographical story of family, faith, love, and land. 

Mama - f, black, aged 60+
Missy - f, black aged 40+

Redstone by Richard LeComte

A Dear John and a diving phase plague two friends in a 1950s Ordnance Guided Missle School in Hunstville, Alabama.

Doug Beaulieu - m, any race, 20s
Matt Henneburger - m, any race, 20s
Mr. Benson - m, any race, middle aged

Great Again by Nicholas Vasilios Pappas

Three friends reunite and struggle to find common ground after years of separation.


Alyssa - f, any race 20s
Cristian - m, any race, 20s
Melanie - f, any race, 20s
That Old White Guy - m, white, 50+

Legends by Wescott Youngson

Four friends hover outside a church service in the hopes of catching sight of a legend.

John - m, any race, young teenager
Jim - m, any race, young teenager
Wes - m, any race, young teenager
James - m, any race, 40+

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